Chicken Guard Self-Locking Combi Kit (PREMIUM)
Chicken Guard Self-Locking Combi Kit (PREMIUM)
Chicken Guard Self-Locking Combi Kit (PREMIUM) Chicken Guard Self-Locking Combi Kit (PREMIUM) Chicken Guard Self-Locking Combi Kit (PREMIUM) Chicken Guard Self-Locking Combi Kit (PREMIUM) Chicken Guard Self-Locking Combi Kit (PREMIUM)

Chicken Guard Self-Locking Combi Kit (PREMIUM)

Model Number: Locking Combi Kit (Premium)
Ex Tax: £137.49

Chicken Guard Self-Locking Combi Kit (PREMIUM)


Why buy the Chicken Guard Automatic Door Opener (Premium)?

  • Ensure the security of your chickens while also making great savings! This combination of Chicken Guard’s Locking Door Kit & Premium Door Opener is the ultimate way to keep your chickens safe and secure while also ensuring ease of use when letting them out for free range time!
  • The Chicken Guard Automatic Door Opener (Premium) has been designed to make your life easier as it uses a timer function and/or by daylight sensor to automatically and close the chicken coop door. Simply secure the Chicken Guard Premium to the front of your coop with the fittings provided, connect the cord to the door, set the opening and closing times and relax knowing your chickens are safe and sound.
  • The Chicken Guard Premium is the best selling coop door opener, combining a light sensor and a timer for optimum flexibility of controlling the coop door.  This means that it will close the door at the set time even if it is still light and has an Easily adjustable light (LUX) sensitivity when using the light sensor.
  • Complete Control to keep your poultry safe from fox attacks, saves the early mornings to let the chickens out or worrying about the door being open after dark. 
  • Existing Coops can be easily fitted with The Chicken Guard and has a 1KG door-lifting capability
  • Fully Featured LCD Display for ease of use & super easy installation
  • Manual Over-ride Button if you need to open or close the pop-hole outside the set times.
  • No Minimum or Maximum Door Heights
  • Self-Contained & Waterproof
  • Powered by 4x AA Batteries (Included)
Why buy the Chicken Guard Self-Locking Door Kit?
  • Introducing The Chicken Guard Self-Locking Door Kit, the world's first self-locking aluminium chicken coop door! This game changer for chicken owners has been designed and manufactured by Chicken Guard in the UK.
  • The unique self-locking wings further increase the security of your hen house as they prevent foxes or any other clever predators from lifting the coop door and getting to your precious flock. Once the door is lowered completely the wings are automatically released to lock it into place. Thus, adding an additional level of comfort and security.
  • Made of 100% robust and durable plastic.
  • Strong aluminium door.
  • Innovative self-locking mechanism.
  • An ideal accompaniment for one of our Chicken Guard units.

**Please note that this combo kit consists of x1 Chicken Guard Automatic Door Opener Unit & x1 Chicken Guard Self-Locking Door Kit**

    Key Product Features:
  • Manual or Automatic: Automatic
  • Dimensions: Control Unit: 15.5cm (6in) (W) x 9cm (3.5in) (H) & Door: Runners Length: 59.5cm (23.5in) x Aluminium Door: 25cm x 30cm (10in x 12in)
  • Weight: 2.28KG
  • Warranty - The Chicken Guard Locking Combi Premium comes with 3 years guaranteed warranty.
  • Other Available Models - The Chicken Guard range we stock also includes an option of purchasing the 'Standard', 'Premium'  and 'Extreme' automatic door opener units only, the self-locking door kit only or an option of purchasing a combo set of the automatic door opener unit AND the self-locking door (Premium or Extreme).


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