MS100V Incubator (+ Digital Humidity Display + Plexiglass Door)

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  • Chicken
  • Duck & Goose
  • Game Bird
  • Pheasant
  • Quail
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Why buy the MS100V Incubator (+ Digital Humidity Display + Plexiglass Door)?

The MS100V is a premium hand built wooden cabinet incubator with an easy to clean veneer finish (inside and out) and made to the highest quality for the serious breeder. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned breeder you can achieve 100% hatch rates with these machines time after time.

All wood construction with a glass panel in the door. Veneer finish (inside and out) for easy cleaning. The MS100V is factory calibrated and the digital controls can be easily adjusted and re-calibrated if desired. The thermostat has an accuracy of 0.2oC. In normal use they are hardly needed however as the quality circuit board and fine sensor work seamlessly with the heavy duty heating element to keep the cabinet temperature at the level set by the user regardless of changes in the environment around the incubator. Perfect air circulation is achieved through a low vibration fan; the ventilation enters the machine above the heating element and is circulated around the cabinet by the fan ensuring warm air is delivered evenly and with no colds spots.

  • Humidity control is attained by opening the brass vent on the top of the machine to allow the fan to suck in fresh air and the plastic vent to expel damp air. Extra water can be added in the pot provided although this is generally only needed on hatching days, if at all. This version of the MS100V comes equipped with a Digital Humidity Display which assists in attaining the desired humidity.
  • The MS100V is fully automatic and its default setting is to turn once per hour through 90o which is correct for most poultry species but this can be adjusted down to turn once per minute if required which is a huge benefit to breeders of birds of prey, parrots & finches. The turning motor rocks the egg baskets from side to side, so there is no sliding floor or jolting involved and the turn is smooth, keeping the contents of the eggs moving without stressing.
  • Supplied with two standard hen egg trays with 6 rows taking 8 large fowl eggs each giving 40 egg capacity. The standard tray is usually fine for duck, pheasant, and partridge etc. eggs. A separate tray is needed for Goose & Turkey eggs and separate trays are available for bantam and quail eggs too. Unless the machine is going to be used solely for quail then the quail inserts are the more versatile option.
  • Hatching can be achieved simultaneously in the large wooden hatching box beneath the setting tray making the MS100V ideal for small regular hatches. As the MS100V does such an excellent job over the 18 day incubation period, you’ll find the pipping and hatching to be fast and clean so there is no need to raise the humidity for 3 days before hatching like in other incubators, only on the final day will it need to be raised which has no effect on the other eggs being incubated.
  • The MS100V is fully factory calibrated and comes complete with a Thermometer, Hygrometer, Hatching Box, Water Container and full instructions on its use.
  • Warranty – The MS100V Incubator comes with 1 year guaranteed warranty.
  • Other Available Models – We also stock the MS35V incubator (with or without Digital Humidity Display)
  • Wooden Cabinet Incubator
  • Veneer Finish
  • Automatic Egg Turning
  • Large Egg Capacity
  • Built-in Hatcher
  • Excellent Hatching Rate
  • Digital Humidity Display
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Plexiglass Door
  • 1 Year Warranty
Product Features
  • Wooden Cabinet Incubator
  • Veneer Finish
  • Automatic Egg Turning
  • Large Egg Capacity
  • Built-in Hatcher
  • Excellent Hatching Rate
  • Digital Humidity Display
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Plexiglass Door
  • 1 Year Warranty
MS100V Incubator (+ Digital Humidity Display + Plexiglass Door) Product Specification
Maximum Egg Capacity (Approx)
Chicken - 80, Pheasant - 100
Egg Turning
Humidity Control
Maximum Power Consumption
Typical Power Consumption
Dimensions (L x W x H)
46cm x 45cm x 32cm
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