Brinsea Mini II Advance Incubator

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  • Chicken
  • Duck & Goose
  • Game Bird
  • Pheasant
  • Quail
  • Brinsea Brinsea
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Why buy the Brinsea Mini II Advance Incubator?

The Brinsea Mini II Advance is a high quality egg incubator that combines ease of use, performance and value.

All models feature all-round visibility of your hatching eggs, convenience of external water top-up and the latest technical innovations drawn from Brinsea’s 40 years experience in egg incubator design. The Mini II Advance is perfect for those new to egg incubation as it provides the convenience of automatic turning with the reassurance of digital alarms and count-down to hatch day.

  • Automatic Egg Turning – The Brinsea Mini II Advance holds 0-7 normal-sized eggs (hen/duck) and with the purchase of an additional/optional small 12 egg tray can hold 12 small-size eggs (quail). Egg turning in this incubator is performed automatically and also comes with a countdown feature which will automatically stop the egg turning 3 days before your eggs are due to hatch.
  • Temperature Control – To maximise hatch rates, a successful incubator must maintain even air temperature. Brinsea’s computer modelled temperature mapping technology means no other brand on the market comes close. The temperature can be set to 0.1°C which allows the user to keep an accurate control over their incubation.
  • External Water Top-Up – Humidity in this incubator is controlled and kept at a constant by adding water manually through the external water trough.
  • Room Temperature Alarm – Although egg incubators control temperature, the very fine temperature stability needed for a successful hatch can be affected by large fluctuations in room temperatures, perhaps due to heating failure or weather extremes. Brinsea’s new room temperature alarm (patent applied for) is now fitted to all digitally controlled models and warns the user if room temperatures vary too widely, so that action can be taken to protect the developing chicks.
  • Periodic Egg Cooling – Periodic egg cooling is a new feature of the Mini II series of incubators. Once switched on the incubator will stop heating for a set period of time that the user sets in order to imitate the natural nest.
  • Biomaster™ Anti-Microbial Plastic – The warm damp conditions inside egg incubators are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria which can infect developing chicks causing unexplained hatching failure. To help combat this problem Brinsea use Biomaster™ silver nano technology, developed for medical applications to safely destroy bacteria on contact.
  • Warranty – The Brinsea Mini II Advance Incubator comes with 3 years guaranteed warranty.
  • Other Available Models – The Brinsea Mini II Advance is also available in ECO form and also EX form which includes full automatic control of humidity.

  • High Visibility Cabinet
  • Automatic Egg Turning
  • Fan-Assisted Airflow
  • External Water Top-up
  • Digital Temperature Display in °C or °F
  • Countdown to Hatch and Auto-Turn Stop
  • Periodic Egg Cooling
  • Temperature Alarms
  • 3 Years Warranty
Product Features
  • High Visibility Cabinet
  • Automatic Egg Turning
  • Fan-Assisted Airflow
  • External Water Top-up
  • Digital Temperature Display in °C or °F
  • Countdown to Hatch and Auto-Turn Stop
  • Periodic Egg Cooling
  • Temperature Alarms
  • 3 Years Warranty
Brinsea Mini II Advance Incubator Product Specification
Maximum Egg Capacity (Approx)
Chicken - 7, Pheasant - 7, Quail - 7, Duck - 7, Goose - 0
Egg Turning
Humidity Control
Maximum Power Consumption
Typical Power Consumption
Dimensions (L x W x H)
24.5cm x 24.4cm x 16.5cm
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