Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic)
Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic)
Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic) Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic) Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic) Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic) Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic) Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic) Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic)

Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic)

Model Number: Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic)
Ex Tax: £183.33

Borotto REAL 49 Incubator (Automatic)

The new Borotto REAL series incubator range have been designed to be easy and straight-forward whilst also offering innovative technology and high reliability.
    Why buy this product?
  • Universal Egg Tray System - The first professional egg tray in the world capable of holding any type of egg vertically, from goose eggs to quail eggs. In every single lodging it is possible to hold one hen's egg or up to four eggs of smaller dimension. In a small space you can incubate 48/96/196 quail eggs, markedly reducing energy consumption.
  • External Water Refilling - The internal basins can be filled with water from outside the incubator. This fast and practical operation allows users to reduce drastically the loss of humidity that occurs when opening a traditional incubator
  • Ventilated Thermal Insulation - Internal ventilation is guaranteed by a noiseless turbine that aspirates air from below and circulates it around the side walls, creating a barrier of hot air. Thanks to a refined aerodynamic design which is unique in this category. A higher uniformity of temperature and humidity inside the incubator is assured.
  • Artificial Intelligence - A digital electronic device in the incubator allows the user to set the required temperature to within 0.1°C: this temperature remains constant despite the external temperature, ensuring that the embryos grow safely. The temperature read by the NTC Sensor is compared to the value chosen by the user.
  • Complete Cycle in 2 Hours - Users can benefit from a very quick and efficient incubation cycle.
  • SIRIO Humidity Pump - An optional extra is the SIRIO Humidity Pump which can be added to give automatic humidity control
These technical characteristics and carefully selected components grant precision and reliable performances over the time. Along with a compact and fashionable design, they make the “REAL 49” incubator a high quality system at a smart price.
    Key Product Features:
  • Capacity: 0-49 normal-size eggs, or 196 small-size eggs (quail-like eggs)
  • Rated Frequency: Single-phase 230 Volt CE
  • Maximum Power: 150 Watts
  • Consumption by Day: 70 Watts
  • Display: Digital temperature control with decimal point
  • Range: Temperature range from min. 30°C to max. 40°C
  • Thermostat: Electronic precision +/- 0.1°C
  • Cycle: One complete cycle every 2 hours
  • Ventilation: 100mm diameter turbine
  • Heater: High quality hardened steel resistor (AISI – 304)
  • Size: 58cm x 57cm x 25cm
  • Turbine Motor: Asynchronus silenced
    Strangford Incubators:
  • Strangford Incubators are the official UK Agents for Borotto Incubators and we hold a large stock of the full Borotto REAL Series product range (Real 12, 24 and 49) and the new Lumia 8 which we are helping to introduce to the United Kingdom marketplace. If you are interested or have any queries then please get in touch, we are happy to help!


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